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18. Kanalda

Turkey's first and only documentary channel: IZ

How far would you go in the wake of a trace? Could every trace you collect, draw the map of the way you'll follow? The trace of a hand in a cave, a footprint on the ground, a fingerprint on a piece of paper, the trace of the memories in the mind, of the nature on mankind and of the mankind on nature... Every single thing leaves a trace behind...

Multicultural Channel From A Multicontinental Country: IZ TV

IZ TV is all about tracks and traces. Its mission is to survey and document the visual tracks and traces that fill the Turkish landscape which is bounded by the Balkans, Middle East, Caucasus, Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. IZ TV is Turkey's first documentary channel.

Since 2006 IZ TV has been the vanguard creating the largest audio-visual catalogue and permanent documentary record of the heritage, impressions and riches of the multifarious country of Turkey. Archaeology, history, nature, adventure, gastronomy, travel, arts and culture are all topics which have been explored by IZ TV. The IZ TV team has produced timeless classics portraying nature, human endeavors in culture, historical episodes and energy-filled personal travel adventures. These documentaries used the conventional narrative and promising experimental formats to create balanced approaches to expand the visions and knowledge of all age groups from kids to seniors.

IZ TV has collaborated with numerous partners from the EU to China, from Australia to Qatar. Collaborations with important world-renown documentary film makers, independent producers and guest programmers have been valuable as they expanded mutual awareness and enhanced the expertise of IZ TV.

IZ TV has made 979 SD in-house documentary films (500 hours), 101 HD in-house films (50 hours), the first 3D documentary produced in Turkey, as well as the country's first 3D documentary serial. IZ TV operates on Turkey's leading digital platform DIGITURK using Channels 18 and 182 for the SD format films and Channel 318 for HD documentaries. IZ TV continues to improve its technical facilities and in 2011 expanded to accommodate full HD format.

IZ TV is privileged to work in a stimulating and challenging country. In addition to its focus on showing the texture of Turkey with all of its various historical and cultural tracks and traces, it is most interested in joining forces with international documentary film makers. IZ TV is a technical and artistic innovator that is constantly extending it operating vision and demographic perspective.

everything leaves a trace behind...


Telephone : +90 212 293 50 43 / +90 212 293 50 44
E-mail : info@iztv.com.tr
Fax : +90 212 293 50 21
Address : Gumussuyu Mahallesi Osmanli Sokak Osmanli Is Merkezi No 18 Daire 6
Taksim Beyoglu
Istanbul / TURKEY